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Since 1974, Hundertmark Auction has been a leader in the Iowa auction business. We have remained at the top of the profession for more than 40 years by simply honoring the principles on which we were founded: honesty and customer satisfaction. As we continue to grow and expand to better suit our customers, these family-owned business values will always remain our priority.

hundertmark auction building
hundertmark auction building

The Hundertmark Building, located north of Humboldt on Highway 169, is the most recent addition to Hundertmark Auction. We started construction on this facility in May 2004, holding the first auction the following July.

This 120’ x 60’ Sentinel building has many advantages which include: easy loading ramps, industrial-sized overhead doors, heat and heated floors, office room, storage, and handicapped accessible restrooms. The Hundertmark Building is a prime location for auctions with easy access from Highway 169 and ample close parking. We invite you to stop by sometime and check out an auction!

We designed and purchased two custom auction trailers, which has allowed us to take our business on the road wherever the sale may be.

We have an 18’ clerking trailer equipped with heat, air conditioning, office space, and storage for glass display cases, tables, and chairs. Our other trailer is 20’ and has been extremely useful in hauling sale items for individuals as well as storing them until the auction date.

We are continuously making additions and improvements to better serve you, and it is because of our loyal clientele we can continue expand and provide excellent customer service.

hundertmark auction clerk trailer

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