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July, 1993
Published by: "Collectors Journal"
Meet The Auctioneer "David Hundertmark"
RUTLAND, Iowa - Auctioneering was a career David Hundertmark was asked to pursue, His uncle, Cletis Hundertmark needed an auctioneering partner in 1974, and David was the person he wanted to work with. "At first I didn't want to become an auctioneer, but I decided to give it a try," said David. "That was 19 years ago." David attended Reisch Auction School in Mason City, Iowa, during March of 1974. He is a general auctioneer, who has sold everything from antiques to real estate. David began his career just days after returning from auction school. He said, "I hadn't been out but just a couple of days. I did a benefit sale-I wasn't quite ready, but it worked out." Today, David and Cletis work together under the name, Hundertmark Auction Service of Rutland. The auction company serves north central Iowa near Humboldt. David keeps very busy as a full time auctioneer and full time farmer, he farms north of Humboldt. As far as a favorite type of sale, David enjoys selling toys. "Selling toys, farm toys, that's real interesting business. I think I like it so much because I have a genuine interest in it." Whether or not the sale is loaded with toys does not matter, David simply enjoys the business. He said, "The type of sale really doesn't make a difference, whether it's real estate or filled with $2.00 collectibles, they are all fun." Working with different people everyday is what David likes the most. "I like dealing with people. Everyone looks at something different. There is no ho-hum with auctioneering, it's always different." For the most part, David can usually tell if an auction is going to be successful before the sale day. "There doesn't necessarily have to be a lot of people. You can tell what's going to happen before the sale by the number of phone calls. "I know when I publish a good sale, the ink will hardly be dry before the calls will start coming in." He said another indication is, if on the day of the event, people are there two hours before the start just to look, generally it will be a good sale. "People like to buy good quality as far as antiques and collectibles are concerned. When they are there two hours ahead of sale time. They're serious buyers." David believes the auctioneering business is filled with many knowledgeable and good people. "I like the auction business. It is a very professional business to be associated with." To people entering the auctioneering profession, David advises them to stay persistent, "Sometimes it doesn't look like the sun is shining, but stick with it. It will shine eventually."