Rutland, IA 50582

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Merle Halsrud was born on July 1, 1922, near Ottosen, Iowa, to Laura and Olaf Halsrud. He was united in marriage to Elma Smith on March 26, 1944 at the Rutland Methodist Chruch. They celebrated 60 years of marriage in March of 2004.

Merle has farmed most of his life except for the two years while he was drafted into the army. While in the war, Merle served most of his time in Japan.

Merle has three children: Jimmie, Gary and Judy. Jimmie and his wife, Cathy, farm near Livermore, and Cathy also works at the Korner Store in Livermore. Gary and his wife, Carole, live near Rutland. Gary works at the County Shed in Rutland and Carole works at Motel 8 in Humboldt. Judy and her husband, Ken Hoodjer, live near Clarksville. Judy works at the Butler County Abstract office in Allison and Ken drives for a trucking service out of Nashua.

Merle's hobbies include: going for coffee with his friends in the mornings, helping Jim with the crops, working in his flower garden, and spending time with his ten grandchildren and eight great-grandchildren, as well as going to the Hundertmark sales.

"Hundertmark Auctions are the best because I enjoy working with all of them and trying to help all I can. I am called the "runner" which most people at the sales call me. On the hottest days I run with lemonade or iced tea for Dave and Tom. In the winter I run with hot coffee. Dave and Tom are the best auctioneers anyone can ask for and they deal with all kinds of people and see that people are satisfied with their sales," stated Merle.