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The following articles were previously published in various local media. In addition to a brief company history, we hope they provide you with an interesting insight into our business commitment and customer appreciation.

February 14, 1991
Published by: "Collectors Journal"
They've cried a lot of sales
Cletis and David Hundertmark have cried more than 600 sales since David joined his uncle as a partner in the auctioneering business in March of 1974. Prior to that time, Cletis auctioneered with numerous other auctioneers in the surrounding area. Cletis cried his first sale in February of 1967. The uncle and nephew team have conducted sales in a wide area from Ventura to Des Moines and Sioux City, but the majority are within a 50 mile radius of Humboldt County Fairgrounds. Most sales are completed in one day or an evening with exception of some special auctions which are held on two separate days because of the volume of merchandise to be sold. The Hundertmark Auction Service, has all the equipment to take charge of a sale, either small or large. When David or Cletis are asked to arrange a sale, they survey the merchandise to be sold and make a list for a sale bill. The sale date is set and the Hundertmarks help get the sale merchandise organized. "A lot of things happen in an auction which the public is not aware of concerning the procedure of making an auction run smoothly," David said. The Hundertmarks feel the most improvement in auctions over the years is the public address system. It is used instead of the early day speaking loud enough so all could hear. Hundertmark Auctioneering, began in the fall of 1966, when a friend urged Cletis to accompany him to auctioneering school so he didn't have to go alone. The friend decided not to attend the college, Cletis started auctioneering college by himself in December of 1966. Upon graduation, Eddie Anderson and Cletis conducted the majority of their sales together. When Eddie was going to retire, Cletis needed a partner and asked David if he'd be interested in going to school to be an auctioneer. David's auctioneering career started after his graduation from auctioneering school in March of 1974. David, a Rutland native, graduated from Humboldt High School in 1971. In 1972, he started farming with his parents, Norval and Marilyn Hundertmark. Today David and his father farm 950 acres of land. In 1954, upon returning from a tour of duty with the Army, serving in both Austria and Germany, Cletis started framing in the Ottosen area. On February 7, 1954, Hundertmark married a Livermore School teacher, Ruby Tendall, who was formerly from Belmond. Ruby taught a total of 10 years before leaving the profession.