Rutland, IA 50582

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Hundertmark Auction Service began in 1966, when a friend urged Cletis Hundertmark to accompany him to auction school. Coincidentally, the encouraging friend decided not to attend auctioneer training, and Cletis began school solo. Upon graduation, Cletis partnered with Mr. Eddie Anderson, Humboldt native, and the pair conducted the majority of local auctions in duo until Eddie’s retirement in 1973. Shortly thereafter, Cletis persuaded his nephew, David Hundertmark, to join the profession, and David’s career as an auctioneer started immediately after his graduation from Reisch Auction School in March 1974.

Hundertmark & Hundertmark Auction valuably served Humboldt County and the surrounding area for the next 22 years until Cletis’s retirement in early-1996. Tom Hundertmark, David’s brother, soon joined the family business after graduating from Missouri Auction School in December 1995. Today, David and Tom remain the sole owners of Hundertmark Auction, and after nearly 40 years, Hundertmark Auction Service is suitably recognized as The Name that Sells.

Cletis and David pictured beside the Auction truck after a sale in 1990.